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Affiliate Marketing for Vivien Lauren

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We have a very comprehensive affiliate program . To Join our Affiliate program please read below, 

A little bit about us:

At Vivien Lauren we are about bringing to life, Timeless Elegant Luxury Fashion through authentic, high-quality designed handbags, shoes, and fashion pieces that are crafted from the finest materials. Designed with impeccable attention to detail, elegance, and a pivotal prominence in premium materials and beauty of design. Vivien Lauren, a young brand, is a luxury designer brand which has been featured in Vogue, Boutique and Attire Magazines.

Our Designs for handmade collections are intricately curated for impression on the Classic Styles using Italian Craftsmanship, mastered handed down over generations. You will also find other Collections on our site, but which complement the Vivien Lauren Look.

At Vivien Lauren we are all about Slow Fashion, and sustainable production. We believe the detail is in the mastered art of hand craftsmanship, in working with Italian leather amongst other materials and fabrics. All our leathers are from cowhide, or sheep skin, attained at the natural endpoint of the food cycle. We do not use exotic leathers due to our concern for preservation of endangered species.

If you feel you’d be a good fit for our brand, we’d love for you to join our affiliate program.

Benefits of joining:
  • 12% basic commission on confirmed sales,

  • Additional rates for bespoke collaborations

  • Exclusive content including bestsellers, imagery & offers

  • High average order value

  • Product marketing images & videos provided on request

  • Real-time reporting

  • Support from the Vivien Lauren marketing team

What do you need to do:

Simply use our banners, product images, links to our product pages, prices, to promote Vivien Lauren across your website, ensuring the newest and relevant message is being communicated at all times. If a customer purchases through one of these links, then you will earn commission on the sale.

Partner with us by clicking the 'apply here' button below, follow the 3 steps written below, and we will get back to you.

1. Become part of the platform and then,
2. Find us by searching for 'Vivien Lauren' under merchants or advertisers.
3. Apply to partner with us.


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