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"Fashion fades, but style is eternal"


The Complete Karl Largerfeld Collections



From 1983 - 2015.


With over 1200 high definition images. A fashion inspiratation.


The first comprehensive overview of Karl Lagerfeld's creations for Chanel, featuring over 150 collections presented through original catwalk photography.


The book includes an index with detail on  clothes , accessories,  fabric materials,  an Index of models... And much more!


A chance to own your very own collection of legend Designers work. Have your fashion style inspired.


The Chanel Catwalk,


Brught to you by Vivien Lauren Collections. 

Chanel Bags plus more - Catwalk Book

SKU: ISBN 978-0-500-51836-6
  • Ever since his first show for the house in 1983, Karl Lagerfeld's Chanel collections have consistently made headlines and dictated trends the world over.


    For the first time, the key looks of every Chanel collection ever created by Lagerfeld - from haute couture and ready-to-wear to cruise and mertiers d'art collections - are gatgered in a single volume, offering a unique opportunity to chart the development of one of the world's most influential fashion brands and discover rarerly seen pieces. 

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