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Handmade  For you in Italy! 


Vivienne Classic Bag in Cocco Red.
From 100% Genuine Italian Leather. Using Craftsmanship Handed down over Generations.

*All our leathers are from Cow hide, a by-product at the natural food cycle end-point.

The Designer, designed this Bag for the Elegant, Chic, Classy or Graceful Woman! Designed for Sophistication &  Elegance. 

The beauty of this bag's elegance is highlighted by its color which slightly changes depending on its surroundings, or attire against which it is worn! It is a light pastel color in the family of Browns, with hint of Classic Gray complimented by Gold accessories.

Crowned with exquisite class. Intricately handmade, boasting a golden buckle for an undeniable statement on its front. Laced with golden accessories and made from our beautiful Cocco Leather. There is no mistaking the passion poured into its detail. 

The bag comes adorned with a touch of our Vivien Lauren Platinum Gold Medallion. This is class and beauty! For the Beautiful Elegance and Classic Style.
A vividly colored, beautifully textured Cocco Red Leather Bag.


Vivienne Cross Body Bag, Crafted from Classic Cocco Leather

SKU: 700042304
Color: Cocco Red
  • We recommend that when not in use, you store this bag in a cotton dust bag, such as the one provided with the bag, after the manner of storing leather goods for maintaining its quality & durability. The bag can then be stored in a cool dry place such as in provided storage box. Caring for the bag should be as after the manner of caring for real leather. For end of life please recycle the storage box as paper.


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