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Designer Catwalk Books - Fashion Library

Updated: Dec 4, 2023

Designer Catwalk Books, Chanel, Prada and Yves Saint Laurent

Vivien Lauren debuts its Fashion Library. Yes, bringing to you the hallmark of fashion and fashion inspiration, in books. You might wonder what this is about, but with the present times upon us, ... many of us have gotten back the realisation of the love of books. Not so much the e-book.

Yes we know, much now of the world has the internet ready at reach by the pressing of the finger on a button. Books now come on a device, which either fits into your bag or pocket, but lets face it, this will never replace that feel of the physical book library... the smell of books, the crispy feel of a book page against your fingers, that sound, cutting through the virtual silence with each flip to a new page.

And, wouldn't it be wonderful if only you could have at your finger tips that feel of the library in that place you have dedicated as your own space? Your home perhaps, or your office corner? Imagine picking up one volume and sitting it by that table overlooking the window, with the curtains drawn back to let in the shades of light. Or that sitting area by the fire place, and you can flip through those pages, being spirited away into the halls of fashion, getting acquainted with inspiring couture and designs which have imposed a paradigm shift on fashion. Listening to the punctuation coming from the crackling fire.

Or perhaps you are the free spirited fashion lover and nature lover, imagine being stretched out on that picnic blanket with the world of couture and ready to wear fashion opened right in front of you, spiriting you away into the halls of runways and brilliant high definition pictures of fashion, all the while you are enveloped by lovely surroundings, and the sounds of nature. Or better yet, what to do when the girl friends, or fashion lover friends drop by, pull out one of these fashion volumes and you will have to shoo your friends away to get time or your place to yourself again. I will leave you to create your own fashion reading time atmosphere.

Elegant Model - Vivien Lauren

Whether you are a vintage fashion lover, a designer, or aspiring to become one, these volumes will inspire you in the creation of your next look. Vivien Lauren. Celebrating the hallmarks of fashion designers, from Prada, Chanel, Yves Saint Laurent, Christian Dior ... and so on. These books are at least A4 size and super thick to the tune of 100s of pages and then some. You will get decades of catwalk and runway designs together with the stories behind the Catwalk designs, and the designer.

Have you ever wondered how a certain style has made it back from say, the 1960s ladies fashion? Or why some styles never seem to go out of fashion? Would you like to create a part of your wardrobe that is always in style? What is the difference between style, trend, fashion? Or for a certain designer, learn, where for them, it all began? In search of ideas of what sort of fashion pieces to put together for that perfect attire ensemble? Get to own these Catwalk volumes and they will open up your imagination.

These Catwalk volumes come complete with indexes of which model wore which look, index explaining hair or head dress, index of fabrics or materials used in the look, and so forth, depending with the particular book.

I am fortunate enough not to only write this article for you, but have made the step to start creating my own fashion library corner. I like to have a quiet sit down by the window, sometimes a gentle piece of music (on low volume) in the background, my favourite beverage within reach and my Catwalk volume spread out next to me on the recliner, and savour each sip as I flip through the pages. I find, from the Catwalk Volumes I now have, each of these books is for inspiring different fashion looks, or Styles, and would do the same for many different fashion lovers, fashion readers or designers. Any of these Catwalk books will make a beautiful gift to anyone with a thing for Style.

Buy your own Catwalk volumes and create your own fashion library corner. Visit the Vivien Lauren Fashion Library Here.

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Buy Catwalk Designer Books.

Vivien Lauren. Paying Homage to Fashion Creations. Vivien Lauren. Proud To Style.

Authored by Sammy Li.


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