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What is Elegant Fashion

Updated: Dec 4, 2023

A Woman in Elegant Fashion by Vivien Lauren

Elegant fashion, well 'Style', has never really been just about that outward dressing. The appearance of the Elegance in the Fashion World, that begins with the natural decorum of inner grace, or in the very least, it can make one appear as though they have it.

So what is it really then, what is elegant fashion. It has earned its place in the circles of gentle and classic beauty. A dress code with a strong celebration of femininity yet giving it a posture adorned with a sense of demure but unapologetic attitude of exquisite class. All the while adding a timeless quality, to its beauty!

When I began to write on this topic, I found that, the sort of definition made up of short sentences and phrases just wouldn't cut it for this one. That, such a definition, would be something rather, of undercutting the value of an undeniably beautiful abstract painting by trying to describe it to someone who is blindfolded. In the end when that blindfold does fall away, whatever description may have been given, will seem, somewhat, flat, in comparison to the painting itself.

So, delving into this subject, I surmised, that it is better looking at it from different angles - the journey through becoming an admirer of Elegant Fashion, to shopping for it, becoming a wearer of it, it is all a journey of unparalleled fashion experience, and I must look at it from such perceptions.

To the observer, Elegant fashion, from the first instance encapsulates immediate thought provoking elements of beauty, class, quality, originality, in relation to the fashion ensemble itself. It has the effect of having the observer view the wearer's dress as smart, unique, inventive, and simply beautiful. The effect would never be any less whether one is viewing the outfit on a mannequin, or hanging on a shop carousel.

If there is such a thing as fashion etiquette, then Elegant Fashion is the epitome of it. As it is a style that has earned much universal acceptance as being beautiful, across many cultures, appreciating the various styles, dress and decorum emanating from it from across centuries, from different traditional dress. It is simply a timeless style whose beauty defies the ins and outs of fashion trends, overcoming the aging of the decades.

A Lady in Elegant Asian Dress

Although it has taken different forms and shapes from the historic decades, with different designs from different cultures and over changing times, Elegant Fashion is a style of fashion ensemble which universally ensnares each observer with the same appreciation and stuns them with its classic quality of beauty.

Elegant Fashion is thus undeniably, to an observer, a style which has an embodiment of sophistication but endowed with gracefulness, leaving a stamp of seemingly effortless lasting beauty that is simply classic, yet reflects an unforgiving touch of luxury. Whilst to the one who adorns it, Elegant Fashion is the living experience of wearing that very embodiment.

To embrace the floweriness of words, Elegant Fashion, can be an ensemble of clothing which reverberates, quality, originality, the vibrancy of colors and luxury of textures in fabrics, or other materials. On one hand it is the clever and imaginative contrast of these elements which creates a harmony. . with a design of style so ingenious, yes (clever, original, inventive), that even when presented in simpleness still embodies the ability to stop any observer in their steps, or thoughts. Creating an unforgettable pleasure to the senses of admiration.

It is the visual aspect, its lasting impact to the observer and the wearer, in the very least, which marks the beginning of the experience of elegant fashion.

Elegant fashion, it is such a subject of such splendid fascination that many aspire to living it, but, the sense of creating it, or putting together a fashion ensemble that is of elegant fashion, does not always come naturally to everyone.

I found in my quest for the definition of elegant fashion, that this element of 'the surprise' or the stop and stare wow factor which accompanies the wanting to experience or wear Elegant Fashion ourselves, really, is that which drove so many of us into liking the fashion of the likes of Jackie Kennedy, Audrey Hepburn so much.

An Elegant Lady Looking at a Valley

It was not that they re-designed fashion per say, they just seemed to naturally put together a fashion ensemble which showcased, class, beauty, quality, originality, inventiveness, which inexplicably surpassed, out-classed what looking beautiful and good fashion might have been envisaged to be.

Elegance does not lose its freshness or ability to pleasantly surprise, no matter how many times or how many women replicate it. That is one secret of elegant fashion. It is not necessarily governed by trend which wears out, elegance, is style, it outlasts the trends, and is quite simply timeless.

When it comes to the clothes what sets them apart as elegant? What to wear that is elegant in fashion?. It is not easy not to go broad on this one.

It is in the textures, colors, a full attire, or even a separate piece which when added to an outfit, manages to suddenly up-class and up-style it. But what of the 'textures', well these would be in the fabrics for example,

Genuine Leather

Leather is undeniably known not only for durability, it epitomizes class, and style. Adding a leather handbag, jacket, skirt, dress, or pants (leggings) - in the right design, will add that touch of class, flatter as well as up-style any attire. Leather can be dressed to be as versatile and classy as to fit almost any occasion. Whilst its clothing might be dictated to by the weather, the leather handbag on one hand will fit anywhere, any season, any occasion. Leather in exciting or contrast color, in a flattering style can be used to off-set a dull looking wardrobe. Making it a must have in many closets. Its textures hard or soft textures, which invoke a feel of romanticism in luxury for both the one wearing them and the observer.

What leather brings from its texture, any reveal of a beautiful classic design or combination of pieces, of clothing, shoes and tote bags, other materials and textures embracing the qualities discussed above create not just elegant fashion, but an elegant looking woman.

Accessories and makeup

Accessories can make or break the flow of a style for an outfit. There is classic beauty which can be added by a soft thin neck chain, classic cut ring on the finger, or bracelet. With that pearls have taken the crown of glory on accessories. The trick with accessories is not to over endow. At times less is more in making your elegant fashion statement. Your accessories, are to complete the look, whereas the simple statement on the makeup is that it is to complement, not overpower and take away from the look.

Style and Combination

What then makes for an elegant woman? Many they have described her as being naturally in part - a woman that dresses elegantly, though not necessarily that being the only item to point out. Many, in a nutshell, emphasize her poise, and mannerisms, smartness, which echo closely to what we have described above on Elegant Fashion - gracefulness, an air of originality and class, perhaps the seemingly portrayal at first glance of some air of politeness, etiquette about them. All this being accentuated by the style and combination of classic style in their choice of colors, textures, design of their fashion ensembles.

Whilst this piece's focus is on defining what is Elegant Fashion, follow the Vivien Lauren's World of Fashionistas, for an even deeper look from an article to follow, on Elegant Fashion - What to wear.

Vivien Lauren is a Fashion Brand, whose designer's focus is to both empower and liberate women in the confidence of affordable luxury, class which is embodied in Elegant Fashion. Our products are handcrafted using craftsmanship handed down over generations. Any growth of the Vivien Lauren brand whilst creating and availing luxury elegant fashion for the woman of any culture, or walk of life, supports the communities of these talented craftsman.

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This article on What is Elegant Fashion, was written for Vivien Lauren by Chloe.

Vivien Lauren. Proud To Style.

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